Welcome to Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse & Bar 

Since 1967 Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse has operated restaurants in the U.S where a working class man can take his family for a steak dinner at prices a cowboy can afford. We still believe in that today. We have always had a tradition of offering to you, our customer, a great value, large portions, and quality food cooked over mesquite charcoal in our unique "cook shacks."
  We welcome you to our restaurant in Shanghai.

     平纳古牛排馆是一家有40年运营历史的美国连锁餐厅。 独立运营的平纳古中国,已经成为中国美式西餐厅的先锋者。在平纳古,你可以在西部乡村风格的环境里,享受到休闲放松的气氛。我们可以为您提供城内最好的牛排,我们在上海度假使用豆蔻木明火碳烤,使得牛排带有一种特殊的风味。